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Apply for funding

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Apply for Funding

To submit a funding proposal, please use the following process

  1. Review our Investment Criteria under Our Approach
  2. Review the Executive Summary requirements below
  3. Submit Executive Summary
  4. Submit Additional Documentation if requested as mentioned below

Information Requirements

We require the following information in order to review an investment proposal:

Executive Summary (3 pages or less) #

  • Brief paragraph describing the product/service and value proposition
  • Contact information
  • Business plan summary including market size, market differentiation, competition, distribution plan, and high level financial projections
  • Funding requirements
  • Existing relationships with TELUS contacts (if applicable)
  • Brief biographies of key management team

Additional Documentation #

  • Business Plan:  product description, target market, market size, value proposition, competitive landscape, differentiation, channel and sales plan
  • Biographies of the management team and Board of Directors
  • Customer and partner references
  • Marketing and sales plan including partnering and channel strategies
  • Detailed Financial Projections for 3 to 5 years including revenue, operation and capital expenses with Earnings Before Interest, Taxes and Amortization Depreciation (EBITDA), and cash flow
  • Funding history, pre-money valuation, funding requirements and Use of Funds description
  • Current fully diluted capitalization table
  • Product and technology roadmap

Why proposals are declined

The most common reasons for rejected submissions are:

  • The technology focus or value proposition is not aligned with our investment criteria
  • There is a competitive conflict within our portfolio
  • We do not have a sponsoring business unit for the proposal
  • The product roadmap of the proposal has been deemed to be unable to sustain growth and resist competitive inroads
  • The management team requires enhancement
  • The financial opportunity is not supported by sufficient market data, customer traction or analysis

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