CEO letter to investors

Putting customers first

Putting customers first is our Company's top priority – for 2011, 2012 and into the future – and this focus is entirely consistent with our strategic imperatives. We are looking to provide the best client experience in our industry as measured by our customers' likelihood to recommend our products and services. Our overall goal is, within a few years, to become the most recommended company in the markets we serve.

We are seeing growing momentum throughout the organization to put customers first in our culture, investment priorities and operational decision-making. Across all lines of business, team members are rallying together to deliver future friendly® experiences to our customers and create a behavioural paradigm that differentiates us from the competition.

We continued to evolve our Clear & Simple philosophy as part of our commitment to make the wireless client experience friendlier. In 2011, we further enhanced our Early Device Upgrade program by enabling customers to purchase a new device at any time by only paying the remaining portion of their device discount. We also launched proactive data usage notifications for our clients, domestically and for when they travel internationally. Finally, we launched our new Clear & Simple international travel pricing, which includes significantly reduced international roaming rates.

During the year, 1,600 senior leaders interacted with front-line team members during our Customers First days. This program gives senior management an opportunity to experience front-line service interactions with our clients and identify opportunities for improving the customer experience. More than ever, the customer dimension is being embraced across the organization and given heightened priority in decision-making as team members work collaboratively to deliver improvements.

By way of example, our Wireless Repair Team implemented a number of key improvements in the second half of 2011. These include improving wait times for handset repairs and using automated messaging to inform customers when their repair is completed.

We are making tremendous progress as we listen to and work directly with our most important partners – our customers. At the end of 2011, 69 per cent of our consumer customers said they were likely to recommend TELUS, up seven percentage points from the previous year.

We are dedicated to consistently delivering on our future friendly promise. Accordingly, in late 2011, we began sharing our Customers First journey with Canadians through a public communications program that conveys this commitment. Please see our customer declaration in the sidebar.


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Our Customers First declaration

We're not perfect, but our employees are deeply motivated to consistently delight our customers. We know that getting better means making sure we're listening to you. That's why we're embracing new ideas that will make your TELUS experience better, everyday. We're on a journey to build on your trust by being clear, helpful and dependable. In other words, at TELUS, we put you first.

Discover how TELUS continued to realize the benefits of its strategic investments and generated positive financial performance in 2011.

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