Investor information

Stock exchanges and TELUS trading symbols

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
common shares T CUSIP: 87971M103
non-voting shares T.A CUSIP: 87971M202
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
non-voting shares TU CUSIP: 87971M202

Annual and special meeting of shareholders

On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, the annual and special meeting will be held at 10 a.m. (MT) at the Winspear Centre, located at 4 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta. An Internet webcast, complete with video and audio, will be available to shareholders around the world. Shareholders unable to attend the meeting in person can vote by Internet, telephone or mail. Visit for details.

TELUS investor relations

John Wheeler
Vice-President, Investor Relations
Phone: 1-800-667-4871 (toll-free within North America)
or +1 (604) 643-4113 (outside North America)

Transfer agent and registrar

Computershare Trust Company of Canada
Phone: 1-800-558-0046 (toll-free within North America)
or +1 (514) 982-7129 (outside North America)

TELUS general information

British Columbia: (604) 432-2151
Alberta: (403) 530-4200
Ontario: (416) 279-9000
Quebec: (514) 788-8050

2012 expected dividend1 and earnings release dates

Ex-dividend dates2 Dividend record dates Dividend payment dates Earnings release dates
Quarter 1 March 7 March 9 April 2 May 9
Quarter 2 June 6 June 8 July 3 August 3
Quarter 3 September 6 September 10 October 1 November 9
Quarter 4 December 7 December 11 January 2, 2013 February 8, 2013
  • 1 Dividends are subject to Board of Directors' approval.
  • 2 Shares purchased on this date forward will not be entitled to the dividend payable on the corresponding dividend payment date.