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What is TELUS doing to help transform healthcare across Canada and what are the prospects for growth?

TELUS Health Solutions is in a key position to help transform the way health information is used across the continuum of care. With escalating costs and the increasing challenge to provide more effective care to the Canadian population, we believe the best solution is through innovation and investment in information and communications technology that can reduce costs and errors, better connect patients, improve health outcomes and drive the prevention of illness.

TELUS is actively pursuing this exciting endeavour. We are the national leader in the e-health field, providing electronic health records for more than five million Canadians and electronic solutions to over 3,000 pharmacies across the country. We are also the leading provider of electronic services to Canadian insurance companies, handling drug, dental and extended healthcare claims nationwide for over 10 million Canadians with our advanced and secure technologies. This growth should continue as even more private and public sector employers adopt our integrated system.

We are building on this foundation and our strong relationships with provincial, regional and municipal healthcare organizations to deliver new health information solutions for practitioners.

In May, we launched TELUS Health Space, Canada's first online platform powered by Microsoft that gives consumers the ability to securely generate, store and control their health information in a safe environment and share it with their family and care providers. Last fall, more than 2,000 TELUS team members took part in an employee trial focusing on heart health. In January 2011, we launched an external pilot program with a partner, the first of its kind in Canada, in Quebec City, where patients have access to their electronic medical records from their physician through their Health Space account. This paves the way for new solutions, including personal health records, that could soon be available electronically to millions of Canadians.

François Côté

François Côté

Executive Vice-President, and President of TELUS Québec and TELUS Health and Financial Solutions

From patients to doctors and clinics to acute care, we are at the forefront of healthcare IT, enabling information to flow across the continuum of care. We deploy technologies that enable hospitals to aggregate patient data, allowing doctors to make timely decisions right at the bedside or point of care. This timely exchange of information is fundamentally changing healthcare delivery and challenging the status quo, while bringing savings and better patient outcomes. Data is delivered to healthcare providers and consumers in a safe and secure fashion. And our mobile technology allows us to deliver data remotely, helping to realize the goal of anytime, anywhere healthcare.

TELUS has invested more than $800 million in the past three years in healthcare technology. The TELUS Health Solutions team is working with healthcare partners to drive a transformation to help achieve industry-critical cost and efficiency benefits. We are leveraging our national reach, broadband networks and expertise to capture growth in the multi-billion-dollar Canadian healthcare-related telecom and IT sector.