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Why invest in TELUS

Own a Canadian telecommunications company focused on data and wireless, with a consistent growth strategy that is generating robust cash flows from operations. Supported by the strength of our financial position and operational capabilities, TELUS continues to invest in the future while returning capital to investors.

We are building for the future by:

  • Investing in strategic growth areas including our recently launched Koodo® wireless brand and service, a next generation wireless network, our broadband network, TELUS TV® service and managed data solutions for large enterprises
  • Driving profit from our consistent national growth strategy focused on wireless and data
  • Leveraging our strong brand and Future Friendly® suite of innovative wireline and wireless solutions for businesses and consumers alike
  • Leading in wireless data growth with the widest selection of smartphones on TELUS’ third generation high-speed network
  • Enhancing the focus on our ongoing operational efficiency program
  • Demonstrating a long-standing commitment to balance interests of debt and equity holders
  • Sustaining a strong financial position and ample liquidity, with an enviable debt maturity profile
  • Delivering on our dividend growth model for five years based on a dividend payout ratio guideline of 45 to 55% of sustainable net earnings
  • Continuing strong performance with an eight-year track record for achieving the vast majority of our challenging annual consolidated financial targets
  • Providing global leadership in financial reporting and disclosure excellence, corporate governance best practices, social responsibility and sustainability.
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