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Investor information

TELUS general information

British Columbia: (604) 432-2151
Alberta: (403) 560-4200
Ontario: (416) 507-7400
Quebec: (514) 788-8050

Annual meeting of shareholders

Thursday, May 7, 2009
11 a.m. (Eastern Time)
National Gallery of Canada
380 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario

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TELUS investor relations

John Wheeler
Vice-President, Investor Relations
Phone: 1-800-667-4871 (toll-free within North America)
or +1 (604) 643-4113 (outside North America)

Transfer agent and registrar

Computershare Trust Company of Canada
Phone: 1-800-558-0046 (toll-free within North America)
or +1 (514) 982-7129 (outside North America)
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Stock exchanges and TELUS trading symbols

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
common shares T
non-voting shares T.A
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
non-voting shares TU
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2009 expected dividend and earnings dates
Ex-dividend date2 Dividend record dates Dividend payment dates Earnings release dates
Quarter 1 March 9 March 11 April 1 May 7
Quarter 2 June 8 June 10 July 2 August 7
Quarter 3 September 8 September 10 October 1 Novermber 6
Quarter 4 December 9 December 11 January 4, 2010 February 12, 2010
  • 1 Dividends are subject to Board of Directors' approval.
  • 2 Shares purchased on this date forward will not be entitled to the dividend payable on the corresponding dividend payment date.
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