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  • Posted on 26/5/2005

TELUS introduces End Point Enforcement, a first-of-its-kind security solution bringing revolutionary compliance to computer workstations

TORONTO, ON – TELUS today introduced End Point Enforcement, a revolutionary security solution that establishes a new line of defense against debilitating worms and viruses.


Based on proprietary ANGEL™ technology developed by TELUS, End Point Enforcement offers compliance for every workstation within a network, including - for the first time – laptops for remote workers.


Traditional IT security solutions activate once a workstation logs onto a company's network. In today's reality of active worms and viruses, that is often too late. TELUS' End Point Enforcement is the only IT security solution in the world that is based on a “block and scan” approach. This solution actually “quarantines” a workstation at boot up and verifies its compliance with the network owner's stated IT security policies and standards immediately, removing contaminations before they enter the host network.


This unique approach ensures increased protection of data integrity and network compliance for individual workstations, regardless of where they are located. Remote workers are as easily accommodated as those workstations in the office.


“Other security solutions activate once a workstation logs onto a company's network. In today's reality of active worms and viruses, that is the equivalent of being scanned by the metal detector after the plane is in the air; it is too late to remove threats once the wheels are up,” said Joe Natale, president, TELUS Business Solutions. “With the addition of End Point Enforcement, TELUS is ensuring companies can safely do business anywhere, anytime. With this truly one-of-a-kind solution, TELUS is able to offer customers one of the broadest and most robust suites of security solutions available.”


This new solution is timely and positive news for publicly traded companies that must now comply with new governance regulations, such as Bill 198 in Canada and the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx) Act in the United States. This new legislation further increases administrators' and managers' accountability to investors and shareholders.


Alain Couillard, TELUS development director for End Point Enforcement, says “End Point Enforcement is the ultimate security solution that provides peace of mind and positions companies on the cutting-edge of compliance best practices. As for the public sector, End Point Enforcement strengthens network reliability while contributing to end-user productivity.”


A Simple And “Network-Smart” Infrastructure Solution To IT Security


Unlike other IT security systems presently available on the market, End Point Enforcement is neither a firewall nor workstation software. It is an infrastructure solution that manages compliance at the Data Link Layer (OSI2) level of the network. It does not require an expensive upgrading of the network infrastructure.


End Point Enforcement also offers greater adaptability and flexibility in network management by classifying workstations in one of three categories: compliant, compliant with reservations or non-compliant. This three-tiered approach allows workstations that do not fully comply with an organization's security policies to access the network for a limited time until their grace period expires.


TELUS' technological leadership was recognized in April by international IT leader Cisco Systems, when it was awarded the Global Innovation Partner Award at Cisco's Annual Partner Summit. This award recognized TELUS' IP leadership and success in delivering innovative IP-based technology solutions in Canada. ANGEL™, the technology behind End Point Enforcement, was one of the reasons TELUS won the award.


"TELUS works diligently in partnership with Cisco to provide differentiated services to the Canadian marketplace,” said Jeff McInnins, Vice President, Regional Sales - TELUS for Cisco Systems. "Their strong customer satisfaction results are evidence of their superior execution in delivering complex advanced technologies, such as security solutions which help Canadian businesses of all sizes address issues of governance and compliance."


TELUS has been providing security solutions to businesses since 1996. TELUS' Enterprise Security Consulting Solutions provides a competitive edge to business through a comprehensive multi-faceted package of capabilities that is customized and managed to fit the needs of each customer. Through services including VPN, Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Authentication, DDoS, IPS and SSL VPN, TELUS integrates security solutions into its entire business solutions portfolio, ensuring that security is not treated merely as a stand-alone feature but rather as a cornerstone of the business solutions package.


TELUS (TSX: T, T.NV; NYSE: TU) is the largest telecommunications company in Western Canada and the second largest in the country, with $7.8 billion of annual revenue, 4.8 million network access lines and 4.0 million wireless customers. The company provides customers with a full range of telecommunications products and services including data, voice and wireless services across Canada, utilizing next generation Internet-based technologies.



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