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Vancouver, B.C. – Service was fully restored tonight to customers impacted by an October 22, third-party construction incident unrelated to TELUS' operations.


TELUS would like to thank its customers for their patience and its many TELUS team members who worked around the clock to restore service under very difficult conditions.


TELUS described the incident as one of the worst ever cases of damage by a third-party construction crew to the company's underground cable infrastructure.




  • On Wednesday, October 22, a third-party construction crew, laying the foundation for a new building in Vancouver unrelated to TELUS' operations, perforated several TELUS cable ducts with concrete reinforcement rods.
  • The rods damaged almost 10,200 working lines and three fibre optic cables, impacting service for some 2,000 residential customers and several hundred businesses in the Vancouver area from, Main Street to Cambie Street (east to west) and 1st Avenue to Broadway (north to south) and to some customers outside the area.
  • Within 24 hours, TELUS team members had replaced the damaged fibre. TELUS crews then jack hammered through 60 feet of concrete encased duct bank, 14 feet below ground level, to gain access to the damaged copper cables by Saturday evening.
  • TELUS crews continued to work around the clock and by Monday afternoon, some 7,000 lines were restored.
  • TELUS team members also went door-to-door to those residents most affected by the 24-hour construction noise, delivering gift certificates and letters of explanation from TELUS.
  • TELUS made alternative arrangements for customers with special circumstances and also provided cell phones for customers with serious medical circumstances.


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For more information, please contact:

Kathleen McLeod

(604) 432-385