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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility

TELUS follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) definition of CSR, which is:

A firm’s accountability to internal and external stakeholders for organizational performance towards the goal of sustainable development.


We work to integrate economic, social and environmental considerations into our business practices and foster a culture of sustainability. Our approach is designed to ensure that our CSR programs are viable for the long term and that we can fulfill our CSR commitments in both economically good and challenging times. We believe strong corporate governance is necessary to provide a solid foundation for CSR leadership. It encompasses considerations such as:


  • Ethical conduct, ethical standards and expectation-setting by leaders
  • Having an independent and effective Board that oversees management
  • Accountability to investors and other stakeholders
  • Effective internal controls and transparent disclosure of strategic objectives and results that facilitate accountability
  • External and internal assurance
  • Reasonable executive compensation.


To find out more about our approach to CSR and specific areas of focus, visit

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