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Our Ethics Policy

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The TELUS Ethics Policy has been approved by the Board of Directors to assist TELUS team members in maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in the corporate and professional dealings they have with other team members, clients, shareholders and the community. The Policy provides guidelines, case studies and supportive references (and the company's intranet lists subject matter experts) available to help employees and managers when faced with situations where the right ethical decision is not clear.


The TELUS EthicsLine provides further support to team members who have ethical questions/issues. Team members are invited to use the TELUS EthicsLine to ask questions, request support or make a good-faith report (often referred to as whistle-blowing) about a perceived violation of the Ethics Policy, government law/regulation, questionable business practice or accounting/auditing matter.


TELUS e.Ethics training is annual web-enabled training for all team members to review the current Ethics Policy and affirm that they understand their responsibilities under it.


To make a good-faith report about a perceived violation of our Ethics Policy, government law/regulation, questionable business practice, or accounting/auditing matter, please call 1-888-265-4112 (24x7) or visit


Download the entire version of the Ethics Policy.

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