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Trisha & Joe - Surprise!!!

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All for the happy bride and groom!

Trisha and Joe - you seem like two very lovely people and we're thrilled to say thanks for being #20,000 to us and #1 for each other! To help you celebrate your big day, we've got a little something special for you.


From our team at TELUS, to you!


  • First off, nothing says celebration like a delicious cake cake2.JPG
  • As requested, 230 pairs of TELUS sunglasses for you and your guests on your wedding day (congrats!)
  • At TELUS, we are very proud to give where we live. Trisha, we noticed that you give a portion of your net proceeds from your artwork to the Autism Society of British Columbia. We were very touched and impressed by this, so in your honour and your name, we are donating $10 for each of your wedding guests, for a total of $2300 to the Autism Society of BC.
  • And last but not least, our @Rdio DJ extraordinaire - Mogjan, created this special wedding playlist just for you!



Thank you for helping making a difference in your community and best wishes on your special day.


The social media team at TELUS,


Katie, Colleen, Mojgan and Kat.

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Trisha & Joe