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are in order!!!

@TrishaChu is our 20,000 follower!

So many reasons to celebrate!

As luck would have it, Vancouver's own @TrishaChu was follower #20,000 on our @TELUS Twitter account today. We had planned to do something really nice for our 20,000th follower but sometimes opportunity knocks, and well, we open a really big door...


At about the same time we were calculating which follower would be the lucky one, we received this message from Trisha:

Trisha tweet.JPG
Wouldn't you know? Trisha was also our 20,000th follower. Well, we love showing our customers how much they mean to us so we decided to pull out all the stops for Trisha and Joe and their fast approacing wedding date!
Looks like Trisha also recruited her fiance @GimmeMoJoe for some extra attention:
Joes tweet.JPG
Click here to see what happened next... surprise!


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Trisha & Joe

Trisha & Joe


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