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Co-op and internship opportunities

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Whether Finance, Business, Technology or Engineering is your passion, our 4-8 month Co-op and Internship programs provide the opportunity to put your academic experience into practice, take on challenging roles and assignments and take ownership of projects. You will continuously drive your learning and development, and ultimately make a difference for our customers, our team and your career.

At TELUS you create future friendly® possibilities.

In our Co-op and Internship programs, you will:

  • build cross-functional networks of colleagues who will support and challenge you, helping you sharpen your skills
  • identify and follow through on opportunities for improvement and innovation that directly impact our team, our business and our customers
  • learn and grow constantly through coaching and mentoring, interacting with senior management and participating in formal and informal development opportunities
  • work in a flexible environment facilitated by technologies allowing effective collaboration with colleagues across the country - whether you’re working from various offices or occasionally from home
  • enjoy many rewarding opportunities to make new friends, and to give back to the community

Do you share our passion for:

Building spirited relationships?

  • you are skilled at collaborating and communicating

Challenging the status quo?

  • you are creative and innovative in your approach
  • you have a strong sense of personal initiative, and want to make a difference for your customers and your team
  • you have the ability to see the big picture and take ownership of your work
  • you have demonstrated leadership in how you approach your work through academic, community or extra-curricular activities

Thriving on challenges?

  • you enjoy working in a  high-performing, fast-paced and sometimes ambiguous environment
  • you have an ability to flexibly adapt to new situations and prioritize effectively
  • you possess highly-developed analytical and problem-solving skills

What’s next for you?

Once you graduate, you can...

Leverage the skills you’ve gained during your work term, and apply to one of our rotational programs

Explore the program that matches your education, experience and interests, and learn more about what else is in it for you!

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