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Career development

Owning your career

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Do you share our passion for career development?


At TELUS, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your career. Through various learning and collaboration opportunities, you can develop skills in your current role to position you well for future roles.


We use leading-edge, as well as traditional methods, to help us learn, share information and build networks. You can:


  • Take advantage of team member and expert-hosted webinars and seminars, to learn valuable career tips
  • Leverage internal social networking sites, instant messaging, blogs and wikis to tap into the diverse and deep skills of fellow team members and share information and ideas
  • Seek the help of mentors and coaches to help you discover your strengths, and continuously grow in your role and career
  • Access a variety of training,  online books, videos/articles and other resources to help you brush up your skills or learn something new in a setting that suits you best
  • Tap into your internal network to learn about different areas of the business to continuously grow your responsibilities, preparing yourself to move into new and exciting roles.


We also support learning and development with leading-edge collaboration technologies such as Telepresence, videoconferencing, Live Meeting, social networking, TELUSTube, internal instant messaging and more.


With so many resources at your fingertips, it’s easy to learn about interesting jobs across TELUS and plan your career development for current and future roles.




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