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New area code 236
in British Columbia: FAQ's

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Area code FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about new area code 236 in British Columbia

  • Who is responsible for the introduction of new area codes in Canada?
    • These measures are the result of decisions by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Local telecommunications companies are responsible for implementing the changes.


  • What is the new area code in the 250 / 604 / 778 area?
    • The 236 area code will be introduced in the region now served by 250 / 604 / 778 in British Columbia with an overlay method.


  • When will the new area code be introduced?
    • Gradually, starting on June 1, 2013, depending on demand.
  • Will all new numbers after June 1, 2013 have the new area code?
    • No. Numbers will continue to be assigned with the area code 250, 604 and 778 as long as they are available in your local area.


  • When will it be possible for businesses to reserve new numbers in area code 236?
    • The Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA)  will assign blocks of new numbers to telecommunications carriers only when all numbers in the existing area code have run out. For more details, companies should contact their telecommunications provider.


  • What is the “overlay method”?
    • The overlay method simply involves adding a new code to the geographic region served by existing area codes. The four area codes will co-exist, providing for a substantial increase in available telephone numbers in the region without affecting existing numbers.


  • Will there soon be a shortage of numbers in other area codes?
    • Yes. Many area codes will reach capacity over the coming years.


  • Will local calling areas remain the same?
    • Yes. Introducing a new area code does not affect local calling areas in any way.


  • Will current phone numbers change?
    • No. Your current phone number will not change.

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