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Our research and

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Research & Development

TELUS' technology leadership and innovation is enabled by its technology laboratories, innovation centres and by its support for research and development activities. The TELUS R&D program supports a portfolio of internal and external research and development activities in wired and wireless communications technologies.


TELUS Labs and Innovation Centres

The TELUS Technology Labs enable testing, trialing and proof of concept of emerging new technologies and services.


TELUS Labs provide:

  • a stable environment and facilities for testing;
  • architecture topology build and review;
  • a ‘virtual environment’ across the country;
  • secure communications;
  • out-of-band access;
  • enhanced testing tools with both hardware and software;
  • troubleshooting assistance and support; and
  • wireless and wire line involvement.


Associated with the Technology Labs, the TELUS Innovation Centres across Canada showcase the innovation of TELUS' current and potential future networks and services.


We have built state-of-the-art Innovation Centres in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, where you can see real life solutions in action.


Visit an Innovation Centre today and allow our team of experts to demonstrate the power and potential of the very latest data and IP communications technology. See and try some of the business solutions we offer, in real life environments. Get a glimpse into the future too.


Every Innovation Centre uses the latest technology and the TELUS Next Generation Network (NGN) to give you an up-close look at the convergence of voice, video and data and the benefits of quality of service. You’ll also experience our wireless solutions and discover the power they can bring to your business. Whether you operate a home office, work at a small business or in a major corporation, TELUS has business solutions that are right for our company.


To arrange your visit:

Contact your TELUS Account Executive

Request a call back to schedule a visit


TRLabs (Telecommunications Research Laboratories)

As an industrial partner, TELUS contributes more than $600,000 per year of sponsorship and in-kind funding to TRLabs. Founded in 1986, TRLabs is the largest not-for-profit applied telecommunications research consortium in Canada, with annual revenues of more than $10 million. TRLabs operates a network of laboratories across the country, conducting research that is balanced between academic and applied. TELUS also actively influences the TRLabs research program and participates in selected research projects. TELUS provides TRLabs with TRNet, a high-speed 10 Gbps optical network between TRLabs laboratories used for advanced network research.


University Research

To foster innovation, technology leadership and the development of intellectual capital in Canada, TELUS supports or collaborates with several Canadian universities including the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, Carleton University, University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, and the University of Laval.

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