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Our Return and
Recycle Program

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TELUS is committed to being a leading corporate citizen and reducing the overall environmental impact of our domestic and international operations, in line with our values. This commitment is demonstrated by our leadership in corporate social responsibility performance and reporting.

TELUS introduced the Return & Recycle Program in June 2005 which grew into the TELUS Trade-In Program in 2012 to collect mobile handsets and accessories for recycling. The goal of the program is to divert as many phones and accessories as possible from Canadian landfills. This ensures that the hazardous components of mobile phones are disposed in a responsible manner.

In 2012, clients helped us prevent 545,872 mobile devices from going into landfills by participating in our wireless handset recovery program. Through our ongoing relationship with Tree Canada, we sponsor the planting of trees as part of this program.

How the program works:

Bring any mobile phone, battery, or accessory, irrespective of carrier, to your nearest participating Trade-In location for recycling, and we'll plant a tree.

Before phones can be accepted for recycling, they must be deactivated. Remove all personal information. Remove the SIM card if it has one.

Phones can't be reclaimed once returned.

The items are then sent to a third-party recycling vendor, who will recycle the phones responsibly.

TELUS is a partner and supporter of Tree Canada


The program is free to everyone, not just TELUS clients. We accept all kinds of mobile devices, including phones, PDAs, air cards, batteries and accessories, irrespective of age, condition, where they were purchased or the network on which they were operating.

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