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Our environmental policy

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Our Environmental Policy

TELUS is a leading national telecommunications company in Canada, committed to environmental stewardship and responsible corporate citizenship. We advance this responsibility through our triple bottom line approach to business, focusing on the social, economic and environmental impact of the innovative communication and health solutions we provide to Canadians.



TELUS’ values are reflected in our commitment to:


Comply with applicable environmental legal requirements and meet voluntary requirements that are endorsed by our senior leaders.


Strive to prevent pollution using standards, procedures or other controls and by minimizing:

  • energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • waste generation; and
  • spills and releases.


Continually improve our environmental performance through:

  • establishing environmental and sustainability objectives, targets and programs;
  • reviewing and updating the Environmental Management System; and
  • disclosing our performance in TELUS’ Sustainability Report.1




Build an environmentally future friendly culture through education and communication, where:

  • the importance of environmental protection and sustainability is respected at all levels of the organization;
  • dialogue and sharing of ideas are encouraged and supported;
  • team members, including contractors performing work on behalf of TELUS, understand and embrace their roles and responsibilities related to this Policy and the Environmental Management System; and
  • team members engage, collaborate with and learn from stakeholders including customers, suppliers, investors, regulators, industry members and the public in order to minimize any adverse impact on the environment.



Adopted 1997

Last revised August 2014

Approved by the TELUS Board of Directors


Have a question or comment about TELUS’ commitment to the environment?

Contact us through our communication portal.





1. Sep 2015 – Corporate Social Responsibility Report was renamed to Sustainability Report

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2015 TELUS Sustainability Report