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Online child safety

Protecting your child's safety on the Internet.

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Online child safety

TELUS takes the matter of child safety on the Internet very seriously and works with law enforcement and other stakeholders on a number of initiatives in this area.


In November 2006, TELUS and Canada's other major Internet service providers (ISPs) joined forces with, Canada's child sexual exploitation tipline, to launch Cleanfeed Canada. As a participant in Cleanfeed Canada, TELUS blocks customer access to foreign web sites that are known to contain images of children being sexually abused. Based on its widely recognized expertise in this area, Canadian Centre for Child Protection maintains an up-to-date list of the sites to be blocked which is incorporated automatically into the participating ISPs' filters. Consistent with the wishes of Canadian law enforcement, Cleanfeed Canada does not block access to child sexual abuse images hosted on servers within Canada; instead, and TELUS work directly with law enforcement in such cases. Like Canada's other ISPs, TELUS will remove any content hosted on our servers where a judicial determination confirms such content is illegal under applicable Canadian law. More information can be found here: and Cleanfeed Canada.


TELUS has always worked cooperatively with law enforcement in investigations of online child sexual abuse and would report any discovered instances of such activity to the relevant law enforcement authorities and/or


In addition to being a founding funder of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and a long-time supporter of Cleanfeed Canada, TELUS is a major sponsor of MediaSmarts, Canada's internationally-renowned media and digital literacy education organization. More information can be found here: MediaSmarts.


TELUS is also a leading member of the multi-stakeholder Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation (CCAICE) which was formed in 2004 to develop and implement a multi-faceted national action plan to help in the fight against online child sexual abuse. More information can be found here: Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation.


In 2008, TELUS launched the TELUS Safety Zone, which provides important information to Internet users and parents about how to protect themselves and their children from online threats such as fraud, identity theft and inappropriate content. TELUS also provides its high-speed Internet access clients free access to TELUS Security Services, which include anti-fraud, firewall, anti-virus, parental control, pop-up blocker, anti-spyware and privacy manager support, along with 24/7 technical support.

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