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Disaster planning

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Disaster Planning

When a disaster strikes, a natural first reaction people have is to pick up the phone to contact their family and friends. However, the sheer number of calls triggered by a disaster can result in an overloaded telephone system, meaning critical calls may not get through. In an emergency, we all have a responsibility to ensure the telephone system does not become congested. Please try to restrict calls to emergency services only. The resources below will help you in case of a disaster:

  • TELUS has several suggestions to help you use your telephone in the event of a disaster.
  • Because disasters strike without warning, we recommend that everyone develop a home disaster response plan.
  • In addition to preparing TELUS team members for a disaster, we are continually working to prepare our facilities.
  • In the first hours after a disaster, our priority will be to provide telephone access to essential emergency services, such as fire and police departments, and hospital and ambulance services.
  • Many The specified space was not found. own their switches and telephones. As they prepare their emergency plans, we encourage them to develop disaster plans for their telephone systems.


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