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World Wildlife Fund

Dedicated to conserving species and our environment

To us, every species is like family, and we believe helping to conserve our wildlife and their habitat today is key to ensuring healthy, sustainable communities in the future. That’s why our partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF-Canada) is so important to TELUS, our team members and retirees.

Since 2000, we have contributed more than $5 million to animal-related causes, including over $200,000 to support WWF initiatives. Through our partnership with WWF we are committed to facing conservation challenges head on, providing opportunities for our team members and our customers to make a difference.

About the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The WWF is the largest international conservation organization in Canada, with the active support of more than 150,000 Canadians. The WWF is creating solutions to the most serious conservation challenges facing our planet, helping people and nature to thrive.

Committed to species conservation

Across Canada, habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, climate change, and unsustainable harvesting have put more than 500 species at risk of extinction.

In an effort to preserve wildlife at home and abroad, the WWF aims to:

  • tackle the global trade in endangered animals
  • reduce the effects of climate change on species, such as polar bears

Stay tuned in 2013 as we embrace new opportunities with WWF to help keep Canadian critters safe for years to come.

Did you know? The iconic panda, a symbol for animal welfare and conservation efforts around the world, inspired the WWF logo when it was founded in what year? (Hint: Look on for help with the answer.)