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Tree Canada

At TELUS we are passionate about keeping Canada green. As a proud partner of Tree Canada since 1998 and a Centurion sponsor in 2011, TELUS has assisted in the planting of more than 411,000 trees in communities across the country. In 2012, TELUS contributed over $264,000 and planted more than 78,400 trees. Tree-planting efforts primarily supported reforestation efforts for abandoned farmland, wildfire, mountain beetle and wind damage, rehabilitating gravel pits as well as minimizing blue green algae, and watershed protection of the Ohio River.

Other TELUS initiatives with Tree Canada have included:

  • National Greening Program – provided funding for the planting of seedlings in areas affected by natural or human-caused disasters
  • National Tree Day sponsor
  • BC Fire ReLeaf and Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf programs
  • A “green option” (TELUS Bravo program) to TELUS team members celebrating company milestones
  • Ville de Rimouski – 30 TELUS team members volunteered to assist with the planting of 24 large calipar trees at the new community centre St-Pie-X.

As well, TELUS continues to give $3 to Tree Canada for every mobile device recycled through the TELUS recycling program Visit any TELUS store to trade in your device today and help keep Canada green.

"TELUS is a shining example of a company that's truly dedicated to making a difference. For the past 13 years, TELUS has been one of Tree Canada's strongest supporters, championing our goal to keep Canada green with their team members, customers and members of the communities they serve."

– Michael Rosen, President, Tree Canada

In photo from left to right:
Gerard Fournier, Tree Canada Community Adviser (Southern Alberta); Michael Rosen, Tree Canada President; Marcia Aldred, Grande Prairie Resident; Mel Knight, Minister – Sustainable Resource Development; Wayne Drysdale, MLA Grande Prairie-Wapiti; Rob McCullough, TELUS; Dwight Logan, Mayor Grande Prairie