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Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Raising awareness to prevent child victimization

TELUS is a Founding Partner of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, a charitable organization dedicated to the personal safety of all children. The organization’s mission is to reduce child victimization through the grassroots service delivery of educational and preventative programs. They offer a number of programs, services and resources for Canadians such as a personal safety education program, Cybertip, a national tip line to report online sexual abuse of children, and a national missing children services program.

Living in a wireless world

TELUS has supported the Canadian Centre for Child Protection in creating the TELUS Mobile Safety Series to help parents keep their kids safe when using mobile technology. The Cell Phone Safety Guide has reached more than 500,000 children, providing peace of mind to moms and dads.

Helping create safer communities for kids

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s newest program focuses on helping organizations take a proactive approach to protecting children in their care. Commit to Kids provides strategies, policies and a step-by-step plan for reducing the risk of child exploitation and abuse in organizations while, at the same time, protecting volunteers. The program helps organizations create safer environments by going beyond the criminal record check process and taking additional steps to ensure the safety of children in their care. Download the Commit to Kids Overview Guide for more information on the program.

Choosing a child-safe organization

If you’re a parent, you will make many decisions about where to send your child for school, child care and extra-curricular activities and programs. You’ll be more confident in these decisions if you take the right steps to ensure your child is in a safe environment. Download the parent pocket card – three steps for choosing a child-safe organization.

"Together with TELUS, we are providing Canadian parents with the information and strategies they need to keep their families safer while using wireless and mobile technology."

– Executive Director, CCCP, Lianna McDonald

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