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Why community investment matters to TELUS

TELUS and our team members believe that in order to do well in business we must first do good in the communities where we live, work and serve. It is an integral part of our culture and our brand promise – the future is friendly®.

Our philosophy

TELUS' community investment philosophy – we give where we live™ – is all about investing in programs that allow us to make a positive and lasting difference in our communities and the lives of others.

Our goal is to help build healthy, sustainable communities, with a particular focus on empowering youth to reach their full potential and become leaders in philanthropy so that they can make a positive difference in their own lives and those of others.

Our strategy

Corporately, we focus on a consistent set of overarching goals:

  • Creating healthy communities: Contribute positively and help create economically viable communities where TELUS can be the supplier of choice
  • Enhancing our brand connection and emotional appeal with our customers: Invest in community projects that support our business operations and help unleash the power of the internet to Canadians at home, at work and on the move
  • Increasing employee engagement and loyalty: Facilitate and support our team members and retirees in giving back to the community

Meeting local needs – our TELUS Community Boards

While our strategy is consistent across our company, its delivery is primarily local. Our 11 Canadian and three international TELUS Community Boards are central to the innovative community investment model pioneered by TELUS. They are key to our community investment success. The majority of our Community Board members are community leaders, whose local knowledge and involvement ensure we are responding to real needs of each community and that we are able to build strong personal connections at the grassroots level.

For more information on our approach to making community donations, please click here.

Since 2000 –
$350 M + 5.4 M volunteer hours

Our team members make it a personal commitment

TELUS team members and retirees contribute their time, expertise and resources to help build healthy, sustainable communities in partnership with local leaders and non-profit organizations.

Team TELUS Cares underpins our give where we live philosophy by motivating and mobilizing the TELUS team to give back to their communities through programs such as: Team TELUS Charitable Giving, Dollars for Doers and TELUS Day of Giving®. These programs help to foster a corporate culture of giving by enabling team members and retirees to support charities and programs they believe in through structured volunteer and donation opportunities.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

A cornerstone of our commitment to making a positive difference in our communities is the annual Team TELUS Charitable Giving program, through which team members, retirees, as well as members of our Community Boards and the TELUS Board of Directors can donate to the registered Canadian charities of their choice, with TELUS providing matching donations for eligible organizations. TELUS recognizes and rewards the volunteerism of our team members and retirees through the Dollars for Doers program. Our annual TELUS Day of Giving brings together our team members, retirees as well as their families and friends for a day of volunteer community service.

Our TELUS Community Ambassadors® are retired and current team member volunteers who, thanks to their compassion, dedication and hard work, play a significant role in our company’s ability to deliver numerous community programs and events across the country.

Helping our customers to give where they live

We recognize that the loyalty of our customers makes our community investment possible and understand that they want to play a direct role in supporting community organizations that they believe in. That's why we created cause marketing campaigns such as our Phones for Good®, TV for Good® and Pink cause marketing campaigns through which TELUS contributes a portion of revenues from the purchase of products and services to local charitable causes.

TELUS also supports emergency relief efforts at home and around the world by providing aid to registered Canadian charities in a variety of ways, including text-to-donate initiatives available to our customers and team members. Disasters around the world affect us all, but together we make a positive difference in helping others to rebuild their lives and their communities.

Our corporate sponsorships showcase our newest products and services, drive new business opportunities and allow us to connect with our customers in meaningful ways. Through these strategic partnerships, we deliver exclusive experiences to our customers and provide them with opportunities to interact with our innovative technology.

Global recognition

In recognition of our community commitment and charitable initiatives, TELUS was named the 2010 outstanding philanthropic corporation in the world by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Notably, this is the first time a Canadian company has been recognized with this prestigious international award.