• TELUS Community Annual Report

    We give where we live.

We give where we live.

This simple philosophy guides every aspect of TELUS' community investment strategy, from our locally focused TELUS Community Boards, to our national and regional partnerships, to our team member and customer engagement programs. With this national Community Investment Annual Report, we bring together highlights from each part of our corporate giving program, and are pleased to celebrate some of the many charities we had the privilege to support in 2011.

At TELUS, we believe in our hearts and minds that to do well in business, we must do 'good' in the communities where we live, work and serve. We seek out opportunities to create stronger communities by funding initiatives that support arts and culture, education and sport, and health and well-being in the environment, with a particular emphasis on youth and technology. The TELUS team - including our current employees, retirees and their family and friends – is deeply committed to building a community investment legacy driven by innovation and a genuine passion for making a positive difference. Since 2000, we have collectively contributed $260 million to charitable and not-for-profit organizations and volunteered 4.2 million hours of service to local communities.

In recognition of our community commitment and charitable initiatives, TELUS was named the 2010 most outstanding philanthropic corporation in the world by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Notably, this is the first time a Canadian company has been recognized with this prestigious international award. TELUS is also proud to be an Imagine Canada Caring Company, dedicated to driving social innovation and investing money, ideas and time in communities across the country.

Bringing a community investment strategy like ours to life takes the dedication and support of many dedicated hands. None are more important than those of our customers, who make this program possible each time they choose TELUS.

Through 2012 and beyond, we look forward to continuing to care for our communities as an essential element of our brand promise: the future is friendly®.


National Partnerships

At TELUS, we're strong believers in making a difference for our local communities. At the same time, we care about issues that touch all Canadians. Protection of our health, our environment and our children top the list of challenges that bring us together and create opportunities to unite Canadians in making a positive difference that help build bright, healthy futures for us all.

TELUS is proud to partner with leading national charities that are committed to addressing issues that face Canadians from coast-to-coast. In the following pages, we have highlighted some of TELUS' key national community support initiatives from 2011.

Team TELUS Cares


We all have the power to make a positive difference, which is why a core part of TELUS' community investment program has supported volunteer and donation opportunities for our team members since 2000. Team TELUS Cares motivates and mobilizes team members, retirees and their families through three programs: Team TELUS Charitable Giving, Dollars for Doers and TELUS Day of Giving. In 2011, the TELUS team contributed $8.2 million and more than 558,000 volunteer hours to charitable and not-for-profit organizations across Canada. New for 2011, we expanded our support of TELUS team members' contributions with the re-launch of the Fundraising Grants program. Through this program, TELUS will match the fundraising efforts of TELUS team members, up to $500 each, per calendar year.

Team TELUS Charitable Giving

Making a donation directly to a charitable organization is one of the most effective ways to give back to our communities. Through the Team TELUS Charitable Giving program, team members, Community Ambassadors and retirees, board members and TELUS service dealers can make charitable donations to registered charities of their choice and TELUS will match those donations dollar-for-dollar.

Throughout the year, Team TELUS Cares donated $7.1 million to support more than 2,900 charities across Canada:

  • $3.54 million from program participants including team members, retirees, board members and TELUS dealers
  • $3.57 million match from TELUS

Since 2000, TELUS has contributed $56.9 million to thousands of community organizations across Canada thanks to the Team TELUS Charitable Giving program

Community Boards

At TELUS, we're committed to thinking nationally and acting locally. We understand that the most meaningful differences can be made by small, grassroots organizations focused on addressed a keen local need. To make corporate support available to these charities, in 2005, under the leadership of Darren Entwistle, we developed our innovative Community Board model. TELUS Community Boards put the power of funding decisions in the hands of local leaders who know their communities best. We now have 11 TELUS Community Boards, located in Victoria, Vancouver, Thompson Okanagan, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Rimouski, Quebec City and Atlantic Canada.

Since their inception, TELUS Community Boards have contributed over $30 million to 2,300 community projects. In 2011, they donated $5.05 million in support of 418 initiatives across Canada.

International Programs

While our community investment philosophy keeps the vast majority of our charitable efforts closer to our own backyards, TELUS also supports the communities that are home to our international call centre operations. We continue to seek meaningful ways to engage TELUS Team members abroad. TELUS Day of Giving™ has expanded globally, with events now taking place in the Philippines, Central America and the United Kingdom.


The fifth annual TELUS Day of Giving in the Philippines, and largest-ever outside of Canada, took place on October 8, 2011 when almost 2,000 volunteers participated in nine community projects. Team members built houses for the homeless, planted trees and hosted activities for underprivileged children. As part of this special day, two simultaneous events were held with Gawad Kalinga (GK), an organization working toward the elimination of homelessness.

Since 2007, TELUS has significantly contributed to GK's cause, building 71 homes and a three-story multi-purpose hall in its first village and committing to build a second TELUS-GK village with 125 homes. Volunteers also visit the community every weekend to work with the residents to continue to develop the TELUS-GK village.

In 2011, over 2,500 team members and volunteers donated 4,900 hours in their community. Since 2007, TELUS International Philippines team members have volunteered more than 34,700 hours.

Central America

For the third year, three TELUS Day of Giving events took place at TELUS International locations in El Salvador and Guatemala. All events focused on youth and education, with TELUS team members building refurbished and improved schools for children.

More than 1,400 team members took part in TELUS Day of Giving in Guatemala City on October 29;
 500 team members participated in Xela, Guatemala on October 30; and more than 1,200 team members participated in El Salvador on November 5. In total, 4,200 volunteers contributed 12,000 volunteer hours in 2011, benefiting Central American communities.

United Kingdom

Consistent with our spirit of volunteerism, the second TELUS Day of Giving event was held in Cannock, England in May 2011. Almost the entire team of 20, alongside other volunteers, cleaned up and gardened at the Kingswood Nursery and Infant Centre, an outdoor education centre for primary school students aged three to eight. The team's contributions included building a sun shelter and children's benches, rebuilding a log store, fencing, pruning trees, painting, gardening and landscaping the grounds.

United States

In Las Vegas, Nevada, more than 60 TELUS International team members and their families participated in the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas "Runnin' for the House" five kilometer run and one mile walk. Team members also participated in fundraising activities to raise more than $1,800 for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Disaster Relief

At TELUS, we are deeply committed to lending a hand to communities in crisis at home and around the world. We provide aid to registered Canadian charities in a variety of ways including matching TELUS team member donations, activating text-to-donate capabilities, and providing gifts in kind such as mobile devices.

TELUS has a proud history of stepping in to help when disasters strike. Since 2000, TELUS has donated more than $1.3 million to Canadian registered charities such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army in support of humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti, Chile, Philippines, Newfoundland, Kelowna, B.C., and Japan. Disasters around the world affect us all.


In 2011, TELUS helped communities affected disasters around the world.

  • TELUS joined forces with Red Cross for African drought relief by enabling our customers to join the global relief efforts through text-to-donate capability. Thanks to our customers $133,000 was donated to various campaigns.
  • Quickly reaching out to residents affected just hours after fires burned through Slave Lake TELUS launched a text to donate campaign with the Red Cross, and our team members and dealers gave over $50,000 in support of the residents of Slave Lake. TELUS clients in Slave Lake welcomed free home phone services and wireless calling anywhere in Canada as well as loaner mobile phones, pre-paid phone cards and comfort kits to provide assistance to those in need during the unimaginable crisis.
  • Unusually high spring flooding affected thousands of family homes in Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta. TELUS helped bring aid to flood victims by enabling our mobile customers to text donations to Red Cross.
  • When news of a 9.0 scale earthquake struck north-eastern Japan on March 11, shaking the entire country to its core, triggering a massive tsunami and displacing millions, TELUS immediately triggered emergency support for the country in dire need by initiating a national text-to-donate relief campaign. TELUS also provided clients in Canada the opportunity to stay connected with their loved ones in Japan through free mobile calling and no-cost access to TV Japan for local news on the quake.

Cause Marketing


At TELUS, we believe in our hearts and minds that in order to do well in business, we must do 'good' in the communities where we live, work and serve. In this new era of socially responsible consumerism, customers look to do business with organizations that are contributing to the greater good of society. Through our cause marketing initiatives, we continue to advance our community investment strategy by offering our customers and potential customers, product and service options that result in a direct benefit to local charities right in their own backyards.

Our innovative cause marketing efforts further enhance our customer relationships by making a real and tangible difference for causes that are close to our customers' hearts. Even throughout our largest national campaigns, donations are always distributed on a regional basis to ensure a significant local impact is made. We understand there is a symbiotic relationship between the success of our company and the health of our communities, making our efforts to live up to our brand promise — the future is friendly — essential in all that we do.

TV for Good TV For Good

When a customer signs up for Optik TV™, good things happen in their local community. Through our 2011 TV for Good™ campaign, TELUS gave $100 to a local community project for every new TELUS TV® customer in participating communities. Since 2009, TELUS has contributed $6.5 million to 35 local community projects in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.

In 2011, we launched 13 new campaigns. Our Victoria campaign, as one example, raised $500,000 for the David Foster Foundation in support of children in need of organ transplants. We did not launch 16 campaigns as targeted but instead chose to maximize the impact of our giving in 13 communities with strong campaigns.

Phones for Good Phones For Good

Launched in March 2011, TELUS gave $100 to a local community project through our Phones for Good® campaign for every new smartphone customer in participating communities. As of January 31, 2012, $1.19 million has been donated to 12 communities across B.C. and Alberta.


TELUS, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) and Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation (QBCF) partnered to launch the 2011 Go Pink campaign. This campaign raised funds to support breast cancer fellowships for research into the early detection and treatment of a disease that affects more than 23,000 Canadian women and men each year.

In October 2011, TELUS announced it would give $25 for every pink BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphone sold across Canada to CBCF/QBCF. The campaign raised over $400,000 toward breast cancer fellowships.

The campaign also involved several innovative fundraising initiatives such as the Go Pink Facebook application that invited people to join the Pink Network™.

To date, TELUS has contributed over $15 million since 2000 to help find a cure for cancer and support enhanced cancer treatments for all Canadians.

Junior Achievement Junior Achievement

In 2011, TELUS launched the Built for Business campaign that met our $250,000 fundraising target in support of Junior Achievement (JA). For every smartphone for business purchased in Toronto, TELUS donated $50 to this registered charity.

TELUS team members also supported the cause, delivering two of JA of Canada's most powerful finance programs to more than 760 grade seven and eight students. Dollars with Sense is an age-appropriate introduction to personal finance and financial planning for grade seven students and Economics for Success is meant to inspire grade eight students to plan their careers and recognize the connection between staying in school and achieving their dreams. Forty-nine of our team members participated and more than 4,500 students across the Greater Toronto area have been positively affected by JA's programming.

Opération Enfant Soleil Opération Enfant Soleil

Opération Enfant Soleil is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1988 to raise funds for pediatric care and run health-related programs for children in Quebec. The organization distributes funding to Quebec's four major pediatric centres — Centre mère-enfant du CHUQ à Québec, le CHU Sainte-Justine de Montréal, Montreal Children's Hospital at McGill University Health Centre and le CHU de Sherbrooke. TELUS has partnered with Opération Enfant Soleil for 13 years, contributing over $2 million since 1998. Our support has included:

  • Supplying telephone lines, call centre equipment and dedicated volunteers for its annual telethon.
  • Selling TELUS critters during the holiday season.
  • Being a lead sponsor at its fundraising events.
  • For eight weeks in spring 2011, a $25 donation to Opération Enfant Soleil was made for all new activations of TELUS smartphones or Mobile Internet Keys made in the greater Quebec City area, greater Montreal area and Rimouski. The campaign raised a total of $204,500 for this organization.
David Foster Foundation David Foster Foundation

Since 1986, the David Foster Foundation (DFF) has assisted more than 600 Canadian families with children in need of major organ transplants and has provided them the funds to help ease the financial burden associated with caring for a sick child.  In 2011, TELUS donated $500,000 to the Foundation as a result of our TV for Good™ campaign. TELUS also continues to support DFF through a Facebook campaign that donates $2 for every new "like" on the Foundation's page. To date, the campaign has produced 10,551 new fans and 11,551 new likes, which have led to an additional $23,100 donation taking TELUS' total contribution to $523,100 in 2011.

The Foundation also educates Canadians about organ donor registration and despite its efforts, only 14 per cent of Canadians have registered to donate organs in the event of death while approximately 4,000 people each year are waitlisted for transplant surgeries, many of whom are children.  To improve this outcome, TELUS will launch a series of initiatives designed to support organ donation programs in Canada. In 2012, TELUS will give $100 for every new TELUS TV® customer in Victoria (to a maximum of $100,000). Additionally, we are working with the Foundation to launch a new website called DaysInWait.com.  This innovative community site will enable Canadians to share their stories and experiences related to organ donation.  With recent statistics indicating a nation-wide plateau of organ donation registrations, TELUS' goal is to inspire Canadians to register with their provincial organ donation registry and help reduce the wait list for organ transplant surgeries.


Corporate Citizenship Commitment

As a proud member of Imagine Canada, we are committed to this organization's new guidelines which include giving back a minimum 1% of our pre-tax profit to the community, following ethical and environmental business practices, and engaging employee volunteers in the community. We are also corporate members of London Benchmarking Group Canada (LBG) and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR).

TELUS is a member of LBG Canada, part of a recognized global standard built upon more than 15 years of experience and used by more than 250 companies around the world. The London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Model was launched in Britain in 1993 and is used internationally from 10 national hubs including Britain, Australia/New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hong Kong/Singapore, the United States and Canada which is a testament to their commitment to good governance. By upholding the LBG Canada globally recognized standard valuation principles for each of the investments described in this report, TELUS and its stakeholders have assurance that every dollar reported as community investment can be linked to achieving community benefit.

Founded in 1995, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) is a non-profit, member-led organization that mobilizes Canadian companies to make powerful business decisions that improve performance and contribute to a better world. The globally recognized source for corporate social responsibility in Canada, CBSR is the Canadian representative in a world-wide network committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Imagine Canada is a national registered charity that advocates for Canada's charities and nonprofit organizations and is Canada's leading corporate citizenship initiative. Caring Company membership assures customers, employees, shareholders and the public that a business is committed to investing in communities. This commitment is a key element in strengthening the nonprofit and charitable sector.