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Community board - Calgary

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Ken King
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What’s unique about this community board is that funding decisions are made by volunteer board members who work with TELUS to identify and fund grassroots programs of charities operating in the Calgary community. Each board member brings a unique skill set and has an outstanding background of experience in a specific focus area – specifically arts, culture, health, environment, sports and/or working with youth. TELUS provides the funding and some outstanding community leaders who work at TELUS. Together these community champions decide on which projects have the highest impact on the youth of Calgary.

We hope your organizations will apply for funding. Below are some guidelines to help you decide if you should put your project forward for consideration.

  • The charity applying must be a Canadian charity that is registered with Revenue Canada and has a valid RR#
  • The project you are submitting has a clearly defined focus on youth
  • The project addresses a pressing community need
  • The project is based in Calgary and will show benefit for Calgary youth.

Charitable organizations that meet our criteria are invited to apply using our online application.

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Youth

Feeding their tummies fuels healthy growth.

Women’s Centre of Calgary

Girl Power 2 Camp

Distress Centre Calgary

Youth heard. Youth helped.

Fairytales Presentation Society – OUTReels Youth Program

Reaching out to schools to facilitate discussion with youth on bullying, homophobia and stereotypes.

TELUS Community Events

TELUS supports a number of community events and non-profit organizations in the city. These event partnerships often provide access to learning seminars, bring groups together to share best practices and generally build capacity in our community. TELUS proactively seeks these opportunities in the community.

Below are some examples:

Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation - Therapeutic Art Program

Creating one of Canada's most comprehensive programs allowing kids to heal through self expression.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

$8,800 given to Boys and Girls clubs in Calgary.

Looking to volunteer in Calgary?

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